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Brian's Update
This is an inspirational book written by Jessica Daly. - created at

Brian's Update
written by Jessica Daly

Read what people are saying about this powerful testimony!
 "I am on page 20 of your book and cant put it proud of all of you. Wish I had known you better during all of this. Even now the words you wrote in 2006 are speaking to me.  I love all of you and your whole family is an inspiration."
"Jessica, Your sweet sister,Maxine is the reason I ordered your book. I do however remember numerous times you were on our prayer request while Eric was pastor at Kishwaukee. I was looking back in my journal & sure enough The Daly's were listed in my prayer requests. I ordered your book right away & was very anxious to receive it. I remember having a "rotten" day at work & when I got home your book had arrived. I immediately sat down & began to read. I must admit there were numerous tears I shed not just because I was so moved by your story but I was ashamed of myself. Ashamed because my day wasn't rotten at all in comparison to what you had gone through. Just shows how easily we are distracted by our sense of timing & our selfish wants & needs. Your sweet spirit & unbelievably strong Faith are an inspiration to me. I needed this reassurance of Gods power & his longing for us to experience all he has to offer. "

"I loaded Jessica's book on my kindle this afternoon and have been reading it non-stop. Testimony after testimony of God's faithfulness. I have just finished reading about Taylor taking care of her daddy after the pacemaker was put in. ♥ to all of you."
"I just finished your book and want ya to know that you had me crying like a baby on the airplane and in the airport! You two are truly a blessing and have reminded me of so many of Gods promises.
Thank you for sharing you testimony!"

"The book is soooo very wonderful, it really pulls sat your heart I said before you both have a direct line to God...he is definitely on your main to the 3 of you..."
On August 23rd, 2011, my book was officially published which means that I am a published author!  I want everyone reading this to understand that this has been a dream of mine for 20 years and God made it a reality for me!  I am so proud of this first book!  Yes, I said first book!  I have so many ideas and topics that God wants me to write about.  Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by all of them.  I encourage you to purchase my book for yourself or for anyone who is going through a struggle in their life that seems hopeless or just too big for anyone to solve, maybe even the Lord!  I am including the link to Crossbook Publishing where you can purchase my book online.  You can also purchase my book through several online bookstores such as Barnes and Noble online.
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