My Daly Outreach - Do's and Don'ts for Caregivers
My Daly Outreach Ministries  -Isaiah 41:13  - A Caregiver Ministry

Do's and Don'ts
for Caregivers

Great info for those who want to help and support a caregiver:

Do Listen - Allow caregivers a chance to vent or express how they are feeling.  This is vital to their peace of mind and even their physical health.  Don't ever say things like "Don't worry about it."

Don't Offer Unsolicited Advice - It is important to not criticize decisions a caregiver has made or thinks is best. 
Do Give Them Their Space - Many times a caregiver begins to feel that the walls are closing in on them.  Whether it is a trip alone to the grocery store, a nap, or a massage, give caregivers an opportunity to do something just for themselves.  They need to be alone sometimes.

Don't Give Them A Guilt Trip - When a caregiver must give their time to another, help them instead of making them feel bad about what they are doing.  It is very difficult for a caregiver to divide their time among the ones they love.

Do Have Empathy - You cannot understand how a caregiver is feeling but you can listen, allow them to cry on your shoulder, pray with them, and never say, "I know exactly how you feel."  even if you are a caregiver yourself.  Only God can understand exactly how we feel.
Don't Judge - Caregiving is a choice and a calling.  Even if you don't understand why a person is being a caregiver to another, don't question them.  Just support and love them.

Do Laugh - I learned it is always better to laugh when you can.  It is okay to laugh even when things are bad and look lost.  Find laughter in the midst of the sadness.  It just helps.
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