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Jessica's Thoughts
I believe that God called me into a ministry dedicated to caregivers for I have lived a life of caregiving.  I wholeheartedly know that God longs to use my hurts and challenges for good and as a testimony to encourage the hearts of others who feel so alone and lost. I share with you today in my thoughts an excerpt from my book Brian's Update.  What makes my book so different and real is that it is written from the actual emails I wrote to family and friends during my first year as my husband's caregiver.  Read and know that this was my heart at one of the worst moments of my entire life.  One thing I can promise you is that God NEVER left me nor forsake me. 

“As I sit this morning in Brian’s room, I am only with Jesus. What a special thing I have learned to enjoy. Jesus and I sit together. I saw His face in the kind nurses this morning and He helped encourage me with words from one of the nurse’s aids who transported Brian downstairs. I felt His love when I kissed Brian goodbye.

All of my life I have been afraid to be alone. This morning I finally realized that I never have to be. I feel a peace that I know can only come from the Lord. I feel comfort. I long for this to be over, but I know that God is in it all. I sit this morning and Praise God’s name. How funny that may seem to you. I sit here this morning greatly and abundantly blessed by the Master.

We have been able to tap into the awesome power of God. He is alive and working in our lives and in our unfortunate circumstances. He is in ultimate control. What a humbling place we are in to know that we cannot heal Brian. To understand our inability to “fix” things is at first frightening, but then becomes comforting. I am so happy that I do not have to make the decisions and God does. What a relief to me! Please know today that God loves YOU! Please know that God wants to be the Master of your heart and life.

Please know that God wants what’s best for you. God wants you to be happy and wants to make your situation or circumstances better. When you feel that God has left you, His is so close. You just have to open yourself to Him fully if you want Him to enter into your problem. Brian’s condition and journey of fear and uncertainty is his and my testimony. God has called Brian in a special ministry to touch lives and bring hearts to Jesus Christ. Our nurse, Anthony, prays and refers to God as his “King of Kings”. What a testimony that Anthony shares through his actions and obedience to God’s will.

Just a few minutes ago a Dr. from radiology came to visit Brian. We explained where he was and this kind man began to share that Brian’s attitude and spirit has been an inspiration to him. He said that he sees patients everyday and that Brian is just different. He said before leaving that he told Brian he should become a type of counselor to people with medical hurdles in their lives. He said that Brian told him there was a purpose for his life and that is was to work in some way for God.

Each person that God has sent into our journey has been placed there for a reason. God really does have a plan. A special friend wrote to me once and said that life is like a big puzzle. We can only see the one piece that we hold and that God has the top of the box that shows the finished picture. How beautiful and how true! I know this was long, but I have to share what God has asked me to share. Short or long there is a reason that he lead me to write these words that morning and then share them with you today. "

“My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from Him.” Psalm 62:5

Love, Jessica

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