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My Daly Outreach Ministries  -Isaiah 41:13  - A Caregiver Ministry

Our Caregiving Story...
Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord. (Psalm 31:24)

Our story is an amazing tale of just how much God loves His children. Brian and I were both raised in Goldsboro, North Carolina surrounded by family and friends.  We were brought up within families where going to church was part of life.  Later Brian and I met as teenagers and became best friends.  After knowing each other for about four years, we began to date.  We dated for another three years and then married on October 9, 1999.  Brian had a great job as an estimator with a business degree while I taught elementary school.  We purchased a home and after three years God blessed us with Taylor Annette Daly, our now 11 year old daughter.  

In the spring of 2006, we were living in our dream home in our dream neighborhood and living what we thought was our dream life.  We both had great stable jobs and had a healthy child.  Out of the blue Brian began to feel very tired and would easily become out of breath after completing simple tasks around the house.  He went to see his doctor but there was not much concern.  His pulse was high and well above 100 while resting but other than that he seemed fine.  Then everything changed on the night of May 5, 2006.   

We were home on a Friday evening preparing for Taylor's 3rd birthday party, which was to be held in our home the following day, when Brian came in the house from taking out the trash and was pale as a ghost.  He sat on the couch and told me that something was wrong.  He figured it was his blood pressure.  Our parents came and took Taylor with them and we headed to the local immediate care.  As soon as we mentioned pulse and heart, they told us to head directly over to the emergency room at our local hospital.  We then became alarmed and nervous.  Upon arrival, a nurse took Brian's pulse.  It was over 150 beats per minute.  We were rushed to the back and from there life was never the same. Later that same evening we were taken to Wake Med Hospital's Heart Center in Raleigh, NC, an hour from our home and two days later Brian was diagnosed with congestive cardiomyopathy.  This meant that Brian had unexplained heart failure.  His heart muscle was too weak to pump and things looked very bleak. 

Since the night Brian was diagnosed he has endured several heart surgeries, many procedures, multiple catherizations, heart ablations, tons of tests, three ICD devices implanted (pacemaker/diphibulator), been evaluated for a heart transplant, and more. There have been many times when doctors looked at us and said there was nothing more they could medically do.  We were also told that Brian's heart function which was at one time 5-7% could not increase and that he would have to have a transplant in order to live.
Today, over 12 years later, Brian's heart function is at 30% and he has had no heart transplant!  God is in control and He does want the best for us.  We still face  unsure and sometimes fearful situations, but we also know what God has done for us in the past and trust Him with our future.

We currently live in the Orlando, Florida area where God has called us to do even more in His name for others both Caregivers and others alike.  As we move forward in our own personal journey with Jesus, we find it easier to trust in the One we call Savior, Comforter, Defender, Healer, and Friend.

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