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MDO Ministries requires travel expenses for both 
Jessica Daly and one adult companion.  We also ask that hotel accommodations be provided if the distance is over 90 miles from Lynchburg, VA. Certain hotels are suggested so please contact MDO before making any reservations.  All other expenses will be discussed on an individual basis.  MDO Ministries will discuss Jessica's speaking fee with each group on an individual basis. 

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Spiritual Encouragment for Caregivers
Jesus is our Ultimate Caregiver
Jessica Daly's Personal Caregiver Testimony
Caregivers, the Forgotten and Unseen Missionaries
How the Church Ministers to Caregivers
Caregivers of the Bible (an ancient art)
Called to Care (everyone isn't!)
Caring for the Caregiver (caregiver health)
Biblical topics of encouragment
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