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Stories From You...

Hello Brian, Jessica and Taylor. I've been going to your web site weekly and it has been heart warming to hear all the things the Lord has blessed your family with. I continue to prey for all of you and hope the Lord continues to work in your lives. With out him we are nothing! As you know my famliy has gone through a lot the past several years and no matter how bad we thought things had gotten, we knew that the Lord would help bring us through those times. I tried for the longest time to handle things my self and work day and night to make things work, but it was only when I put it in Gods hands that things really started to turn around for us. We are all doing very well now and couldn't be happier. Please continue to do Gods work and share his blessings with everyone. From your friends who have never forgotten to prey for you and your family. Love you all. In God We Trust
Jessica, my family and I have recently started going to your church and are loving it! I am in your Sunday School class and have really been touched by the way you are presenting Beth Moore's book. I am learning a lot about myself and finding the pits that I have gotten myself into and thrown into over the years and how to pray for God to work in me and deliver me from those pits! I was in awe this past Sunday evening when those in the class were so open and honest with each other about their pits~ I look forward to getting to know you and the other ladies in the class/church ~ I have very much needed this "fresh start" in our new found Church of God's children. Bless you!
A group of caregivers that I have not thought about have been those that care for mentally and/or physically challenged loved ones.  This can be a life-long caregiving commitment and these caregivers need support, too!  I know it is hard enough being a parent today when you have no mental or physical challenges, but one or more of these types of challenges and it really can become overwhelming!  Pray for these special people and for those who they are dedicated to taking care of!
Story from a Care Recipient
..."Oh, Jessica, Brian, and Taylor, I checked out your new website and how God is blessing us all through your blessings.  I enjoy and plan to check your website daily.  Things have been just a little busier than usual but his is the season in my life."
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