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Great Reading for Caregivers...

This is the latest book read by MDO and it is all about stepping out of your comfort zone and responding to the call of God in your personal life.  Instead of asking God to meet you in your plans, look for ways in which you can join Him in what He is doing!  The author of this book shares her own story and ways in which God has not only directed her life but used it in order to bless others in miraculous ways!

This is a wonder book by author and Pastor Mark Batterson.  Most of you know him from Circle Maker.  This book is about being all in for God.  You have to be either all in or all out when it comes to God.  I am not finished yet, but I will keep you posted!

I have to admit that I have had this book for some time in the top drawer of my bedside table.  Each time I would see it I would not feel like reading it.  This told me very clearly that it was not the right time for the message inside. Recently at a very uncertain time in my life God led me to this book one night and I could not put it down.  It spoke to my heart in ways I cannot express.  I was so heavily convicted that I was overcome.  I had been focused on things that I had placed in front of Jesus without even realizing it. Things of this world will never bring what only Jesus can.  I highly recommend this book, but I do warn you to be ready for conviction and a good look in the mirror!

I have recently began this book by Pastor and author Pete Wilson.  This is a continuation from his book Plan B, which I encourage ALL caregivers to read.  I could not wait to finish this book for after hearing Pete Wilson speak only weeks ago about this book, I feel it will be yet another book of encouragement in the Lord and that's exactly what we need!  

I have been wanting this book for some time now and finally got a copy.  I adore the story of Ruth!  First, she was a caregiver!  Second, she was obedient and just feel face first into God's favor and amazing blessings.  And, third, she was a nobody that God used to have children with Boaz which lead to our Savior Jesus Christ!  Love this writer and this story, so it can't be anything less than wonderful!

I read this book and I just wanted to shout "Amen!" every few pages!  It is totally up to us if we experience God's amazing joy.  It is not up to those around us or even God, for He makes it available always! This book is aligned with the scriptures and a great bible study or group study book, too.  I read this before speaking to a group of ladies who had been reading and studying the book for 6 months.  Instead of me blessing them by reading the book, it blessed my heart and changed my life!  Awesome!

I want you to know that I am in love with this book!  I could not put it down.  I would read from it each day during our drop everything and read time in my 6th grade classroom.  I find that my students read when they know I am reading too.  This book connected with me on so many levels in my spiritual life.  I needed the message that God gave to Sheila Walsh through this book!  Read this book today if you desire to trust God more and are anxious to see what happens when you do!


A dear friend of mine recently gave me a copy of this amazing little devotional book.  It has made such an impact on my spiritual life!  Each day it is as if Jesus, himself, is sending me a personal message.  I love it so much! The book also gives you several scriptures to read each day, too.  This book is so special and I love my messages from my Lord each day!

I encourage anyone to read it!  It helped me understand many biblical principals that confused me before!  My husband and I recently discovered Pastor Joseph Prince and we love his messages.  We feel that he is being led by the Holy Spirit and the things that he shares only come from the Lord.  I ordered this book and could not put it down!  I encourage you to read this book of how we don't deserve God's favor but we have it through Jesus Christ our Savior! 


I sincerely recommend this book.    I say I believe the promises of the Lord, but in reality I am hoping on them!  There is a big difference.  We can say we believe the promises all day long to others, but God knows the real deal!  He knows us.  He knows the truth.  His promises are real and true.  We cannot continue to compare Him to humans!  That's what we do.  This has been an awesome reminder of what God wants to do in my life, if only I will stand on His promises!

I enjoyed this book and absolutely love it!  It has been hard gaining an understanding that I totally underestimate my Lord and that I do not pray specifically or believing that He can do all things!  I am working on these things in my daily walk.  God wants to bless me and you in so many amazing ways but we don't ask Him to amaze us very often.  We ask for simple things and that is exactly what we get!  Read this book!  God sent this message to me at this season in my life and in our ministry! 


Okay, this book is so amazing!  This book is spoke to me directly like no other book has in a long time!  God talked to me through this book! This book has helped me to understand that just because things have not worked out exactly the way I planned, God didn't forget about me!  His plan is always better and I am seeing that. I learned so much about His love and my faith in Him while I am going through my Plan B!  Everyone could benefit from reading this book no matter what stage you may be at in your walk with the Lord!  Read it today!  I have taught Bible studies and Sunday school classes with this book and they were amazing!

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